Is this a mirror which I see before me?

Come find out at YORB Club!

YORB Club is a group of students, residents and faculty members excited about real-time virtual spaces and how we might foster connection for remote communities. We build ITP's own virtual floor, YORB2020, a 3D virtual space which was used during the last three ITP Showcases as well as a number of events throughout the semesters. We also work on experiments, tools and frameworks related to WebRTC (the web framework which allows video chat), WebGL (the web framework which allows for 3D graphics in the web browser), and the design space for connected real-time applications.

Poster depicting a happy character and cartoonish computer for spring show 2021

Welcome to Yorb!

Today's Event

The [ITP/IMA/Low Res] Spring Show 2021
A Festival of the Recently Possible
From May 17 - 18
YORB Gallery Opening
Monday May 17 10am - 12pm ET

Celebrate our students and their incredible work from this semester! The YORB Gallery open throughout the festival as an experimental and playful archive of students’ projects and social space. More events and festival info:

use arrow keys or WASD keys to move, use mouse to rotate camera view